Supported by you?

Become the face of Compony

We want to promote the companies that are using this platform to deliver the most enhanced Frontend on your Drupal sites. But we also need some financial backing to keep the platform running and improving.

Therefor we can help each other: we give your company the publicity you deserve for using cutting-edge technology. While we keep improving the tech and support the Compony-community as much as possible. 

We are looking for 1 official supporter per country. This means that for each country, we will accept only one supporter.


The world is a big place, and to give you the visibility you want, the Compony-platform is localised to look different for each country.

This means that your company can claim your country and become it's official supporter.

For every visitor on the website that is located in your country the site will adapt as follows: 

Example of the logo of compony changing to your needs
Altered footer


We work with a rental system, where you can claim the platform for 3 months. The sponsorship starts on the first day of the month after an invoice is payed and ending on the last day of the month 3 months later.

Every economy is different, so there is no one fixed price. Per country, we estimate the price looking at the size of the local Drupal-community and your countries average marketeer income. 

Drop us an offer on and we'll get back at you with some more details.